​Fall Tree (Ages 4 and up)

The Barn 

Love Birds (for couples)

Fall Trees by Patty Baker

Red Tree - This is a sponge painting and great for all ages!


Yellow Flower 

Grey Swirl Tree


Purple Flowers

Full Moon

Sea Shells

The Sunflower

Cardinal (Ages 6 and up)

Red and White wine (abstract)

Palm Trees and Hammock

Red Skies at Night

The Wave

For palm trees and hammock you can choose either pinks and blue for the sunset or red-orange-yellow. 

Day Y Noche - For Couples

Winter Scene

Wild Flowers

Here is a selection to browse. There are many more, and new ones every week. Inquire about a theme you would like, or send an image that appeals to you. I will customize a painting for your special event!

Coffee for two (for couples)

Fire on the Beach


Sailboat and Mountain

Fall Birch Tree

Fireflies at Night

Wine Glass and Bottle

Love carved in a tree


 Art on Elm


Flower (Ages 4 and up)